What We Do

Improvid Performance Consulting specialises in and offers three game-changing areas for business impact:

  • HR Business Partnering Training
  • Designing Future Performance
  • Turnaround Performance
  • Results Coaching
  • Improving Team Performance
  • Human Performance Improvement Training
  • Transforming Performance Management
  • Performance Audits and Assessments

Improvid Performance Consulting identifies gaps at organisation impact, process impact and people impact levels and provides solutions for sustainable results.  We close the gap between your business’ strategy and its operations using proven Performance Improvement tools and practices.


We offer impact solutions to your organisation’s performance needs and our consulting services include:

Organisation Impact Solutions

  • People Risk Impact
  • Performance Turnaround Strategies
  • Surveys, Audits and Assessments

Process Impact Solutions

  • Performance Management Process Innovation
  • Competency Architecture
  • HR Business Partnering Optimisation

People Impact Solutions

  • Professional Development

    • Performance Consulting Workshop
    • Managing Performance Workshop
    • Performance Consulting Certification Programmes (CPT: Certified Performance Technologist)
    • Individual Performance Coaching
  • International Certification

    • CPT: Performance Consultants
    • CPT: Managing Performance

For more information about Improvid Performance Consulting visit our Human Performance Improvement website.