Connecting is a privilege

Managing fear and uncertainty is definitely taking its toll on many of us. Some days are harder than others as we look at ways to be better when being matters. I am inspired by people who deliver on goals and who lead from the front, no matter what. I am slowly adapting to a new […]

Do performance expectations matter in the new normal?

I often write about performance matters and this time is no exception. In all organisations, large and small, irrespective of industry, performance issues seem to be a hot topic. As we are all struggling to get upstream with how we need to change our work habits and routines, I was thinking about expectations – and […]

Are you making a productivity impact in your organisation?

So often we miss the smaller basic things preventing performance. And our default action is to train the people. But do you know what the exact performance problem is? Doing training may be the most expensive budget item in your organisation – worst of all, it may not improve the people’s performance. Consider whether you […]

Learn from the world-renowned expert on ROI

For more information about Improvid Performance Consulting visit our Human Performance Improvement website. We’re very proud to announce that IPM and Improvid have partnered to bring you the opportunity to learn from the world-renowned expert on ROI. Dr Jack Phillips will be in South Africa  on 1-2 August to present a two-day workshop on Measuring ROI in Learning […]